Associate Horstman HRT4-ZW with openhab

Including the HRT4-ZW into an OpenHab z-wave network can be difficult, do not follow the standard instructions but instead use the L mode hidden in the menu, please see below:

– DIP-switch 1 on 1
– turn the wheel to put the HRT in learning mode (L)
– put OpenHab in include mode (best way I find is with Habmin)
– push the wheel so the L blinks and confirmation in OpenHab will say added
– finally put DIP-switch 1 back to 0
– The device is now visible in OpenHab and can be configured by putting it in the LI mode
– The device is shown in OpenHab
– Now some last configuring before going on to the ASR-ZW…
– DIP-switch 1 on 1 again
– Putting it in the LI mode avoids having to wait for the device to wake up to be configured, it listens…
– Putting wake-up period to 256, shortest possible.
– All other settings are set correctly by OpenHab with the default bindings.

My example items config for the HRT4-ZW in OpenHab looks like:

Switch HeatCall_Thermostat "Thermostat Status" <fire> (GF_Lounge,Sensors,Thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Number Temp_Desired_Thermostat "Thermostat Desired Temp: [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (GF_Lounge,Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ] {zwave="zwave:device:3b0658a6:node27:thermostat_setpoint_heating"} 
Number Battery_Sensor_Thermostat "Thermostat Battery: [%d %%]" <battery> (GF_Lounge,Battery) {zwave="zwave:device:3b0658a6:node27:battery-level"} 
Number Temp_Sensor_Thermostat "Thermostat Measured Temp: [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (GF_Lounge,Sensors,Thermostat) [ "CurrentTemperature" ] {zwave="zwave:device:3b0658a6:node27:sensor_temperature"}