BMW E91 with 513m wheels

I was happy to find out about 513 wheels which ticked a lot of boxes for me, firstly they’re OEM as sold as part of the M4 winter package, but they’re also forged, ferric grey and I think look great on the E91!

At first I thought they were a little small, but with larger tyres, I think they look great and the drive is excellent!

Tyre sizes I chose to get the same rolling diameter front and rear are:
Front: 225 45 18 Michelin Pilot Super Sports
Rear: 255 40 19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports

The rears are 10″ wide, the fronts are 9″ wide. Although not required, I also added some 12mm spacers on the rear just to make them as wide as the fronts.

Here’s my 2011 BMW E91 with 513M alloys: