HikVision DS-2CD2042WD-I Samba Network Share Fix

I recently encountered a problem and am writing up the solution to save someone else the grief…

I belatedly discovered that my DS-2CD2032-I with 5.2.0 firmware had stopped recording video to its SMB/CIFS shared volume attached to my Linux system. It had been working for several years.

hikvision samba share error

When I used the “Test” button on the Storage Management/NAS configuration tab on the camera, it reported a login/path error. The user/password set in the camera had not been changed and neither had the share setup. After enabling debugging in the Samba server (“log level = 10” in the global section of smb.conf and viewed in /var/log/samba/log.smbd) I noticed an error:

"NTLMv1 passwords NOT PERMITTED" in reference the user specified by the DS-2CD2032-I.

It appears that a routine upgrade to the software on my Linux system had changed the default configuration so that the authentication protocol being used by the camera was now being rejected. I had to add:

 "ntlm auth = yes"

…to the global section of smb.conf and then the Test button worked again after I reloaded the smb service configuration on the Linux system. I realize that this is not the preferred/recommended configuration for Samba now, but I couldn’t get NFS to work reliably with the camera as an alternative.

Switching from SMB/CIFS to NFS I found that I had to “re-format” the share and then it would return to Uninitialised shortly after completion. The disk quota was originally setup for the SMB/CIFS configuration, so I don’t know what else was mis-configured to inhibit NFS from working properly. I could ssh into the camera and view the shared volume, create files etc. via NFS; it just wouldn’t stay initialised.